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Stage-box, the Ultimate Solution
to Manufacture
Modular Derivation Boxes.

A Stage Box Designed to Be Customized
for Your Needs with a Set of Modular Elements.

Valentini Hardware, a great catalogue !
Stage Box is a completely modular system with which you can build rackpanels, rackboxes, stageboxes, power distribution boxes etc. The basic elements are a wide range of different endplates and connector panels. Four aluminium frame extrusions hold the panels together. All the parts of the system are black powder-coated and are bolted together with self-tapping screws. The assembly only takes a few minutes, and the only tool you need to do it is a screwdriver. No drilling, punching, cutting or filing. With this assembly-kit you can take your box apart and use avery components for a new project, over and over again. Height of panels are 2 or 4 units. Width of panels are referred to as number of modules. For 19" rackmount system, 10 modules plus endplates are required.

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